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Allow me To Introduce Myself

2014-10-13 07:39:08 by Ehronaut

Hey guys! I'm Ehronaut and I came to Newgrounds because I'm a young animator and I want to try and grow by reaching to other places of the internet

I recently made myself my first YouTube video and it's gotten a really good response so far. So if you could, please go and check it out. You're all appreciatedĀ


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2014-10-13 10:41:49

Hey there! I'm Vultex, Artist from NewGrounds and i currently work for Artix Entertainment.
Yeah you probably didn't expect this message, so here i am. Welcome! :)

Ehronaut responds:

Hey! Thanks for the welcome


2014-10-14 16:28:38

hello i'm right behind you

you looked didn't you